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I’ve always loved MtG. I fondly remember buying boxes of Revised from a local arcade in Washington, cracking packs, and being disappointed when I pulled a cruddy dual land. Back then I mostly just played with friends, making janky decks that never quite did what I wanted them to do. I took a long break, finally returning to the game during Avacyn Restored.

The Game Evolved

MTG had changed dramatically since 1995. Local game stores had events, sets now had a theme to them and were designed for drafting and constructing games. There was a huge market for buying, selling, and trading. I was overwhelmed. After spending a few years drafting and playing standard I grew to dislike MtG and the idea that whoever had the most money could build the best deck. Then came EDH…and it was glorious. Being able to build and deck and refine it with no chance of it going out of rotation was exactly what I was looking for. But I quickly found out that, while this format didn’t rotate, it still came with hefty card prices – especially older cards or cards on the reserve list.

My Journey

This is where my journey really started. In 2013 I started making my own cards and quickly realized how amazing it was. Designing cards with art I loved, or with my favorite characters. Soon after, friends were requesting cards from me. From there, this passion only grew. Whether it was making someone a special commander or getting someone a copy of a card that was unattainable for them, I knew this was a truly special opportunity I’d found. No one should be blocked from playing this amazing game simply because they can’t afford it. Everyone should be able to play with the deck they want regardless of how deep their pockets are.

My proxies have come a long way since those days, but I’m still motivated with the goal of bringing the game to anyone who wants to play. I’m constantly improving my craft and working to give you all the best products possible.

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