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The foil on this looks great and the card is extremely flat. Honestly the quality of this foil proxy is better than the quality of foils currently being printed by WotC in my opinion.

Megan Goodwin


A card to review, costing one mana, blue. I hope that this will sound close to true. A fish in a bowl, for a few turns will troll, Taxing spells that are not able to fight. With words inspired by Seuss, I hope that you can deduce, that I find this card feels just right. The card arrived fast! It arrived in the mail! A proxy with flavor and fun! Both sides come with words, revealing a trace. For another, this card holds a place. In sleeves, no difference is noticed. Not stiffness, nor size, nor even the bend. It seems to be well worth the spend. I'll return to this shop. I will sift through the cards. I will find some I find entertaining. For deck, or display, they may come to my home. I've yet to find cause for complaining. ^_^



Cards that see regular play, clearly marked as proxies on both sides, paired with art which matches what the card is doing, from other things I love. I could easily see Secret Lairs using some of the same art/card concept pairs. This shop was quick to deliver my order, and the cards have the quality standard I was hoping for. (Same size/feel/bend as a typical Magic card. Minor shape difference of the corners, not noticable in a sleeve.) What more could I want? 5/5 stars. I will be back to see if there's other proxies I may want in the future.



Commander of a host? ✔️ Wielding a powerful artifact? ✔️That is powerful in combat, multiplying his effectiveness? ✔️✔️ By having clones of himself? ✖️ oh. Well it's close enough. 😉 If you want the ring, this shop has a Sol Ring that features it, but this shows a helm, which is how Sauron is oft' recognized these days. Tolkien was an influencer in my life, through the LotR series, and through the writings of others he impacted. Using this card will be a tribute to him in my decks. My order was quickly delivered, and is exactly what I want in a proxy: clearly labeled as a proxy on both sides, and otherwise indistinguishable from a typical magic card when in a sleeve. Well done!



MTG Proxies from Abyss Proxy Shop

It’s no secret that Magic: The Gathering cards can be expensive. Whether you’re buying a $50 Jace, the Mind Sculptor or a $500k 1993 Black Lotus, the cost racks up fast. It’s not uncommon for both 60 and 100 card decks to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Luckily, there’s an easy way to play with any card you desire without breaking the bank. That’s right… proxies.

The definition of a proxy is “A figure that can be used to represent the value of something in a calculation”. In MTG, a proxy is anything that stands in place of a card.

Some proxy cards look and feel just like the real thing. Some cards are the exact opposite. They don’t fit into the deck properly, have poor/low quality images, arrive damaged, etc.

Abyss Proxy Shop is here to change that.

What Makes Abyss Proxy Shop Different?

We deliver custom mtg proxies that are of the finest quality. Their great for testing your decks and casual play with friends and family.

These cards are designed by us and printed in a professional commercial printing facility. They are the exact same size as any standard TCG card.

We’ve worked hard to find and curate art and products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We’ve been making proxy cards, both by hand and commercially printed, for the last 7 years. We take pride in delivering you something unique and durable at an affordable price. For personalized cards/bulk items please send us a message.

Misconceptions About Proxies

Misconception #1: They Hurt Local Shops

There are a few common fallacies about MTG proxies that come up among players and collectors. One of these fallacies is that proxies are bad for LGSs (Local Game Shops) and WotC (Wizards of the Coast). The argument is that a player won’t go to one of these businesses and buy a $20 card when they can buy a high-quality proxy at a fraction of the price.

This simply isn’t true. There’s no way to tell how a player’s resources are going to be distributed within the economy. For example, Ben might want a Mana Crypt card but realizes he can’t find one below $100. Ben has a $100 budget and doesn’t want to use it all on one card. So instead, he buys a Mana Crypt proxy from Abyss Proxy Shop for $6 and has a great evening playing with his friends. That could be the end of the story… or he could use his remaining $90+ buying booster packs from his local game shop. The shop now sells $90 worth of merchandise instead of nothing. This is simple scenario, but it illustrates a valuable point - you can support your LGS in a variety of ways.

Misconception #2: Players Will Abuse Them

Some believe that MTG proxies will hurt the game because some players will build over-powered decks. This could force other players to spend big money on cards or use proxies to stay competitive.

There are a few reasons why this a flawed way of thinking:

1. You can play with anyone you want.

You’re never going to be forced to play with someone you don’t want to. If you don’t like the way someone plays the game, play with someone else.

2. Less expensive decks can still be competitive.

Cheaper card decks can regularly compete with expensive ones. This is especially true in multiplayer games like Commander.

3. Decks should have similar power levels anyway.

There’s always the chance that you’ll run into a player with a truly robust deck. If that deck is clearly more powerful than others at the table, they should find different competition. For the most part, good players want competitive games. Sometimes it’s not a fair fight and one player’s deck is out of another’s league. The problem here is generally deck compatibility and little to do with proxies.

Misconception #3: It’s Not as Fun

This may be the most common fallacy we hear at Abyss Proxy Shop. There’s an argument that building your deck piece by piece is where the fun lies. It says a player shouldn’t need to proxy the best cards and should instead find replacements until they can build the deck they want.

The truth of the matter is that proxying doesn’t affect this much. Proxies don’t allow you to just arrive at your destination and skip the journey. Each card needs to be tested to make sure it’s compatible with your deck and strategy.

Benefits of MTG Proxies

1. Lower Barrier to Entry

Proxies make it easier for players to build new decks and for new players to get into the game. This is great for so many reasons but the main one is that it makes Magic: The Gatherings competitive community bigger. It’s more likely that LGSs and players will benefit from a more active community. For more information on why you should use MtG proxy cards, click here.

2. You Can Tryout MTG Cards Before Spending Big Money

If a player buys a proxy, that doesn’t necessarily mean he or she won’t buy the real card. It’s important to test these cards with your deck and against competitors. Let’s say someone buys a Cyclonic Rift proxy and decides it doesn’t work with their deck. Instead of wasting $20 on a card that won’t be used, that money can be put toward a new Rebuild card that is working great.

3. They Keep Your Authentic Magic Cards in Great Shape

A custom mtg proxy card can follow you into battle over and over again without the worry of damage or wear. One dual land set can save you hundreds or more by preserving valuable cards in your deck.

4. It Plain Saves You Money

This is straightforward, but it needs to be mentioned. Playing MTG is great - but plying MTG while paying off bills and going out on Friday night is even better. Proxies can help you save precious dollars and spend them even better. In conclusion, proxies are good for the players, which makes them good for the game.

Discounts, Product, and Shipping

All orders over $30 will receive an automatic 10% off. All orders of $100 or more received a free dual land set while supplies last. Foil cards have a holographic finish on the front side of the card only. All cards have a custom card back we designed that can be seen on any product page. Orders ship free via USPS first class mail in the US. Tracking and faster delivery are offered as an upgraded shipping option in checkout. Orders ship free via USPS first class mail in the US. Tracking and faster delivery are offered as an upgraded shipping option in checkout. Please allow 10 business days for your cards to arrive. USPS has extended their shipping times recently so please be aware. We try to ship orders within 24 hours. Orders placed on holidays and weekends will take longer to ship out.

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