Should I Buy MtG Proxies or Make Them Myself?

Whether you make a proxy card by simply writing on the back of an old Magic: The Gathering Card or you buy high-quality proxy cards, you’ll still have fun enjoying the game with your family and friends. However, it is certainly worth exploring the reasons one might opt to invest in well-made, beautiful proxies instead of crudely scribbled DIY versions.

Making MtG Proxies: Pros and Cons

There are obvious pros to making your own proxy cards, beginning with instant gratification. If you decide that there’s a specific card with which you’d like to play, you can do so just short of instantly by writing the name of the card on the back of another card or even on a piece of paper. This saves time, but also makes it easy to change your mind about what cards you may wish to proxy from game to game. The second major pro to making proxy cards yourself is that it’s completely free. You don’t have to spend a dime to create your own proxy card, and MtG can be an expensive pursuit, so saving money definitely counts for something.

However, let’s also consider the cons. The first and perhaps the biggest con to making your own MtG proxies is that they simply don’t look as nice. Unless you are a hardcore graphic designer with some seriously high-tech printing capabilities, you can’t make cards at home that feel like the real deal. Not to mention the fact that investing all of that time and money into making proxies if you don’t already have the tools is incredibly expensive. Secondly, DIY proxy cards may not fit in your deck as seamlessly as well made proxies. If they’re made of paper, they’ll feel like paper, and if you’ve just written on the back of another card, it can be difficult to play with and the ink may wear off over time.

Buying MtG Proxies: Pros and Cons

Now let’s look at the flip side. Buying MtG proxies obviously costs money while making your own does not, and chances are you won’t be able to order one and then play with it in the same day, throwing instant gratification all the way out the window. Those are two pretty big reasons that many players opt to make their own proxy cards, and those are totally valid reasons.

Consider all of the benefits to purchasing high-quality MtG proxy cards, though. For just a few dollars, you can have a gorgeous, well-made proxy that feels like playing with an authentic MtG card. High-quality cards are often nothing short of beautiful, with fun and unique designs that set them apart from authentic cards visually but also flow seamlessly into the gameplay. Even more importantly, high-quality MtG proxy cards are durable and they last. For just a few dollars, you will have a card that will withstand the test of time as long as you continue to play the game. It will feel like having the card you are proxying without spending a lot of money, truly enhancing your casual play experience.

Abyss Proxy Shop vs Other Proxy Card Sellers

If there’s one fact that most, if not all Magic: The Gathering players know, it’s that authentic MtG cards can be very expensive, with some cards priced as high as $500,000 for a single card. (Yes, 1993 Black Lotus, we’re looking at you.) At Abyss Proxy shop, we aim to make proxies that look and feel just like the real thing without the real price tag. Many other proxy sellers deliver the exact opposite; their cards have poor or low-quality images and don’t fit into the deck properly. In other words, some proxy sellers can leave you feeling frustrated and ripped off. We’re here to change that.

Our Quality Cards

At Abyss Proxy shop, our cards are made on German black core paper, which is identical in weight and size to authentic MtG blue core paper. We aim to offer cards whose authentic counterparts retail for $8 or more so that you can save money while trying cards in casual play before investing in the real deal for competitive play. We design all of our own cards and have them printed in a professional commercial printing facility. Our goal is to deliver unique and durable MtG proxies at an affordable price.

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