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I’ve harbored a deep love for Magic: The Gathering (MtG) since my early days. I can vividly recall the excitement of purchasing Revised boxes from a local arcade in Washington, eagerly opening packs, and the occasional disappointment of pulling a less-than-desirable dual land. During that time, my gameplay mostly revolved around casual matches with friends, constructing quirky decks that rarely performed as I envisioned. After a substantial hiatus, I rekindled my interest in the game with the release of Avacyn Restored.

The Evolution of the Game

By the time I returned in the era of Avacyn Restored, Magic: The Gathering had undergone significant transformations since 1995. Local game stores hosted events, sets had thematic structures tailored for drafting and constructing games, and a thriving market for buying, selling, and trading had emerged. Initially overwhelmed by these changes, I spent a few years engaging in drafts and playing standard formats, only to develop a growing dissatisfaction with the game’s direction. The notion that the best decks were dictated by financial means left me disenchanted. That is until I discovered EDH.

The Glorious Advent of EDH

EDH, or Commander, proved to be a breath of fresh air. The ability to build and refine a deck without the fear of it rotating out of play was exactly what I desired. Yet, my enthusiasm was tempered by the realization that, while EDH circumvented rotation, it still entailed substantial costs, particularly for older or reserved list cards.

Embarking on a Journey

And so, my journey truly commenced in 2013 when I started creating my own cards. The joy of designing cards featuring artwork I loved or inspired by my favorite characters was unparalleled. As friends began requesting cards from me, my passion for this endeavor blossomed. Whether crafting a unique commander for someone or providing access to an otherwise unattainable card, I recognized the significance of ensuring everyone could engage in this remarkable game, regardless of financial constraints. No one should be denied the opportunity to play based on their budget; everyone should have the freedom to play with the deck of their dreams.

The Evolution of Proxies

Since those early days, my proxies have undergone significant improvement. Yet, my motivation remains steadfast: to make the game accessible to all who wish to partake. Continually refining my craft, I am dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to our community.

To learn more about MtG proxies and what we have to offer, please visit our homepage at https://abyssproxyshop.com/.

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